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Plank Board Art!


Plank Board Art!

This was the first time I ever used a circular saw a few months ago to make this cute plank art! P.S. it was scary! I used a plank that had been in the garage, measured cut it up and screwed it together. To make the Beautiful sunshine I free handed the sun itself and then taped off where I wanted the rays. I mixed a bunch of yellow, oranges and reds till I found my favorite. It now hangs between my family room and kitchen with my awesome turquoise accent wall!


Bicycle Art!


I did this project about 2 weeks ago and haven’t posted about it yet! I had been in Boston with my office and hadn’t done something crafty in a while, so I did this Sunday evening after returning:) My husband thought I was crazy and that I should just relax Haha! I saw an idea a while back about printing on tissue paper and I was itching to try it…the post I had seen she had printed pictures of her family and glued them onto a wooden sign for Christmas!

I started with something simple and found pictures of antique/vintage bicycles on google images. I copied them into Microsoft word and sized them down to fit in my frame. The tricky part is taping the tissue paper to card stock, I took the cardstock and cut it to 8.5×11 then taped the tissue paper along the edges. I was so afraid it was going to get jammed that’s why this part is so important to really secure your tissue paper. I used a light blue tissue paper so you can see the color contrast with the white mat. After I printed all my bicycles I put them in the frame and voila! cheap DIY wall art Yay! I love how wrinkled the tissue paper looks, I might wrinkle it even more the next time!


Spring Bird House


It’s been far to long since my last post, I have still been crafting though! So here’s a fun and easy project that you can do in an afternoon! The bird house I chose is from Michael’s, you can pick any style you like! My first step was to use my favorite dark walnut stain by Minwax, and stain the entire house. I probably waited about an hour and ignored the typical directions of waiting over night to let the stain dry.

It took me awhile to decide what to do next it needed some color…I wanted something bright and cheery! Yellow and white acrylic paint was what I chose:) If you look at it up close it almost has a white washed look because of the dark stain bleeding through! I love how it turned out, it will be displayed in my home for now. I might polyurethane it and put it outside at the new house.

Old Brass Light Fixture Becomes A Terrarium!


I visited the Restore for Habitat for Humanity yesterday, a great place for some old and used finds! Found this old Brass Light, looks very similar to my parents light that hung in the foyer. Obviously I took it all apart and cleaned up the glass first, next I painted to brass with a black acrylic paint that’s indoor/outdoor. Of course I had to scuff it up a bit to make it look old and have some of the brass color come out, I used some very fine steel wool to do this.

I then filled the bottom with sea glass for drainage and potting soil on top of that.

Mike visited the Home Depot today and picked up a beautiful succulent for my terrarium. The only problem was that the pot was 6″ so I had to divide it to be able to fit through the 3″ opening.

The really awesome part about this light turned terrarium is that I can put it on the coffee table and hopefully Mr. Kitty can’t eat it. I always have to put plants high enough so he can’t get to them! You can see him in one of the next pictures that he’s contemplating it!


Yet another side table:)


So here goes nothing! This table was Mike’s, I actually had it outside to throw away for weeks when we were renovating the house. Mike however lugged it back into the house and it has sat in the basement ever since. This could be a really nice side table or Nightstand. To start I Sanded this table with a coarse grit random orbital sander, removed the ugly table top and scuffed up the yucky forest green paint!

Next up the paint…I used Rustoleum spray paint in Slate(satin), a really pretty blue. Make sure you have a calm day, the wind was a little tough with the spray paint. I kept having to stop while the wind wipped through because my paint was going everywhere but where I needed it to go.

Now for some stain I used a Minwax stain in Dark Walnut, love the light paint color with the dark stain.

Last step 2 nice coats of Polyurethane(gloss), to give it some shine!

Not the greatest place to take the final picture…the basement! It’s so dark down there, I love the new brightened up table:)

Wood Shim Wall Art!


I was totally inspired after seeing Addicted to Decorating’s Blog on a Wood Shim Sunburst Mirror! Can you believe that it’s all wood shims!

So after visiting The Home Depot and purchasing 18 packs of wood shims and made sure I had plenty of hot glue, I started my creation:)

I wanted my wood shim sunburst to be different so I did 1 section of 5 wood shims and another with 6. For the 5 piece section you start with one shim and on either side glue a shim about half and inch down and repeat. With the 6 piece section you glue two shims together and then on either side glueing the shims about a half and inch down and then repeat again. So then when you start to glue it together you glue a 5 piece then a 6 piece section and keep repeating till you make a circle.  Also one major thing started to happen instead of being flush with the table the sunburst starting becoming curved. I think it looks so cool this way check it out!

I had a little trouble getting the last section to glue into place so you see my hair tie above squeezing it together. Once it was all done I used a Wipe on Polyurethane in satin to make some of the colors of the wood pop out. While I was putting this together I made sure to place all different surfaces of shims in the 5 and 6 piece sections. Some of the shims still had their bark and also a few knots, I love how it turned out! With addicted to decorating’s blog her Sunburst was flush with the table and she placed a wood wreath form to secure it, I ran into a little problem because mine was so curved so I decided not to use the form and take a chance. I love the look of the sunburst without the mirror in the center. Hooray for my new decoration created solely by wood shims,  hot glue and a little wipe on poly to warm it up a bit!

Heres when I started to wipe on the polyurethane, it brings out the detail of the wood shims! Well here it is below!!

After looking at this crazy beautiful wood shim sunburst I think it reminds me exactly of old gears, here’s a picture below see what you think!

I am so excited to have a new decoration in my house that I made from simple wood shims! You should try it, I worked on it yesterday morning and that was it! Hope you enjoyed have a wonderful weekend!

Easter Hike:)


Happy Easter to all! Wanted to share some beautiful pictures of our hike yesterday at Sky Meadows State Park in White Post, Virginia. Mike and I enjoyed the day with our pup and his parents Jeanne and Wyck, took a very steep hike and had a picnic by a beautiful red tin roof barn yay!


We brought our puppy Barleigh on one more hike before her 2nd surgery on her shoulder scheduled for today. She will then need to be on limited movement for close to 6 wks! OMG I think Mike and I are going to go crazy…we live in a townhouse and because of the surgery we have to be in the basement to not have to do stairs. Barleigh had surgery 3 months ago now for OCD in her shoulder, because of rapid growth. OCD is pretty much overgrown cartlidge thats creates a lesion on the shoulder. Needless to say she is still limping and the Dr. thinks that more has grown:( Hopefully this will be the last surgery poor pup! So enough of that we had a great time and Barleigh loved her long hike! Check out some pics