Welcoming Baby Fiona in less than 2 weeks!



We are so excited to only have 13 more day’s until my due date! Cant wait to meet our sweet Fiona. I wanted to share all the hard work thats gone into fixing up her nursery. We started working on the room in October, the first step was to remove 200+ glow-in-the-dark stars and planets off the ceiling. If any of your kids out there want these don’t give in they ruin your drywall!! We knew going into it that the stars and planets had been up there for nearly 20 years so needless to say they were not easy to remove. We tried a damp cloth, spackle knife, hairdryer to hopefully save the drywall on the ceiling, but nothing really helped. So after removing all of the stars and planets the entire ceiling had to be spackled, what a pain in the neck!


My awesome husband Mike was amazing with finishing the ceiling and making it look perfect along with the walls! Then came the choice of what the theme would be and what color’s to go with.

!IMG_7321IMG_7328 IMG_7339 IMG_7608

The Color choice was so hard to make but we settled with a melon orange accent wall and light grey for the other three walls. It looks so much better already!! Then came the theme we looked and looked for the right type of decal, we knew we wanted a tree but it took forever to find the right one. We finally found one on Etsy and went with a woodland theme. So these pictures below show the progress of the room, the decal took a weekend to put up. Each piece of the tree trunk was separate along with all the leaves and animals. So you can only imagine the amount of time it took, we’ve fooled a few into thinking we painted it!

IMG_7438IMG_7604 IMG_7827

I absolutely love the theme we went with, from the little mushrooms on the baseboards to the squirrels and owl in the tree.  We have had so much fun designing the room, and putting our own creative touches into it. Mike built a bookshelf and painted it with my favorite turquoise color, I painted 4 frames the same melon orange as the accent wall and drew animal footprints of Barleigh (our Bernese Mountain Dog), an owl, bear and a deer. We also made a birdhouse night light that I painted and decorated and Mike rigged a light inside and hung it in the tree. Oh and one more thing I painted a doorknob to look like a mushroom, so cute! This is now the most decorated room in the house, and well worth all the time spent on it:))




Mike also made this awesome mobil holder, have I mentioned he’s pretty amazing!

IMG_7932 IMG_7922


I made sure to include a picture of the most adorable booties that my friend Kelly made me. You have to visit her shop on Etsy and look at all of her baby shoes that she’s created. Her shop is Poco Bella Designs, you have to go and see for yourself! Your going to want every pair I guarantee it!! Cute Baby Booties



Hope you enjoyed seeing how much fun we’ve been having over the last few months decorating our nursery. You can come anytime now Fiona we are so ready to meet you!!

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About Ashleigh

Hi all! I am Ashleigh Furcron a regular girl living in Northern Virginia. I have a wonderful husband of almost a year woohoo! and a 9 month Bernese Mountain Dog, Barleigh! I love arts and crafts and re-decorating my house weekly. So with that said i have found some cheap ideas to do that, hope you enjoy!

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