Bicycle Art!


I did this project about 2 weeks ago and haven’t posted about it yet! I had been in Boston with my office and hadn’t done something crafty in a while, so I did this Sunday evening after returning:) My husband thought I was crazy and that I should just relax Haha! I saw an idea a while back about printing on tissue paper and I was itching to try it…the post I had seen she had printed pictures of her family and glued them onto a wooden sign for Christmas!

I started with something simple and found pictures of antique/vintage bicycles on google images. I copied them into Microsoft word and sized them down to fit in my frame. The tricky part is taping the tissue paper to card stock, I took the cardstock and cut it to 8.5×11 then taped the tissue paper along the edges. I was so afraid it was going to get jammed that’s why this part is so important to really secure your tissue paper. I used a light blue tissue paper so you can see the color contrast with the white mat. After I printed all my bicycles I put them in the frame and voila! cheap DIY wall art Yay! I love how wrinkled the tissue paper looks, I might wrinkle it even more the next time!



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  1. I had no idea you could print on tissue paper. It might be cool to overlap some images. Or what would they look like if you lightly splattered them with water to distress them a little making the paper pucker and the inks run a tiny bit…

    I might have to do some experimenting! Neat stuff.

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