Yet another side table:)


So here goes nothing! This table was Mike’s, I actually had it outside to throw away for weeks when we were renovating the house. Mike however lugged it back into the house and it has sat in the basement ever since. This could be a really nice side table or Nightstand. To start I Sanded this table with a coarse grit random orbital sander, removed the ugly table top and scuffed up the yucky forest green paint!

Next up the paint…I used Rustoleum spray paint in Slate(satin), a really pretty blue. Make sure you have a calm day, the wind was a little tough with the spray paint. I kept having to stop while the wind wipped through because my paint was going everywhere but where I needed it to go.

Now for some stain I used a Minwax stain in Dark Walnut, love the light paint color with the dark stain.

Last step 2 nice coats of Polyurethane(gloss), to give it some shine!

Not the greatest place to take the final picture…the basement! It’s so dark down there, I love the new brightened up table:)


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