Old Brass Light Fixture Becomes A Terrarium!


I visited the Restore for Habitat for Humanity yesterday, a great place for some old and used finds! Found this old Brass Light, looks very similar to my parents light that hung in the foyer. Obviously I took it all apart and cleaned up the glass first, next I painted to brass with a black acrylic paint that’s indoor/outdoor. Of course I had to scuff it up a bit to make it look old and have some of the brass color come out, I used some very fine steel wool to do this.

I then filled the bottom with sea glass for drainage and potting soil on top of that.

Mike visited the Home Depot today and picked up a beautiful succulent for my terrarium. The only problem was that the pot was 6″ so I had to divide it to be able to fit through the 3″ opening.

The really awesome part about this light turned terrarium is that I can put it on the coffee table and hopefully Mr. Kitty can’t eat it. I always have to put plants high enough so he can’t get to them! You can see him in one of the next pictures that he’s contemplating it!



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