Wood Shim Wall Art!


I was totally inspired after seeing Addicted to Decorating’s Blog on a Wood Shim Sunburst Mirror! Can you believe that it’s all wood shims!

So after visiting The Home Depot and purchasing 18 packs of wood shims and made sure I had plenty of hot glue, I started my creation:)

I wanted my wood shim sunburst to be different so I did 1 section of 5 wood shims and another with 6. For the 5 piece section you start with one shim and on either side glue a shim about half and inch down and repeat. With the 6 piece section you glue two shims together and then on either side glueing the shims about a half and inch down and then repeat again. So then when you start to glue it together you glue a 5 piece then a 6 piece section and keep repeating till you make a circle.  Also one major thing started to happen instead of being flush with the table the sunburst starting becoming curved. I think it looks so cool this way check it out!

I had a little trouble getting the last section to glue into place so you see my hair tie above squeezing it together. Once it was all done I used a Wipe on Polyurethane in satin to make some of the colors of the wood pop out. While I was putting this together I made sure to place all different surfaces of shims in the 5 and 6 piece sections. Some of the shims still had their bark and also a few knots, I love how it turned out! With addicted to decorating’s blog her Sunburst was flush with the table and she placed a wood wreath form to secure it, I ran into a little problem because mine was so curved so I decided not to use the form and take a chance. I love the look of the sunburst without the mirror in the center. Hooray for my new decoration created solely by wood shims,  hot glue and a little wipe on poly to warm it up a bit!

Heres when I started to wipe on the polyurethane, it brings out the detail of the wood shims! Well here it is below!!

After looking at this crazy beautiful wood shim sunburst I think it reminds me exactly of old gears, here’s a picture below see what you think!

I am so excited to have a new decoration in my house that I made from simple wood shims! You should try it, I worked on it yesterday morning and that was it! Hope you enjoyed have a wonderful weekend!


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