Easter Hike:)


Happy Easter to all! Wanted to share some beautiful pictures of our hike yesterday at Sky Meadows State Park in White Post, Virginia. Mike and I enjoyed the day with our pup and his parents Jeanne and Wyck, took a very steep hike and had a picnic by a beautiful red tin roof barn yay!


We brought our puppy Barleigh on one more hike before her 2nd surgery on her shoulder scheduled for today. She will then need to be on limited movement for close to 6 wks! OMG I think Mike and I are going to go crazy…we live in a townhouse and because of the surgery we have to be in the basement to not have to do stairs. Barleigh had surgery 3 months ago now for OCD in her shoulder, because of rapid growth. OCD is pretty much overgrown cartlidge thats creates a lesion on the shoulder. Needless to say she is still limping and the Dr. thinks that more has grown:( Hopefully this will be the last surgery poor pup! So enough of that we had a great time and Barleigh loved her long hike! Check out some pics


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  1. How’d the surgery go? I had lunch with my Dad yesterday and were talking about you and your sweet pup, Barleigh. I hope you don’t go too crazy in the basement. You’ll have to do lots of craft projects to make it more livable. Lots of future blog post material…

  2. Surgery went well but they could’nt find anything that should be hurting her. He did clean up some new softer cartlidge so I guess we just have to cross our fingers:) I’ve been doing lots of projects, just posted a new one! love you hope you have a great weekend:)

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