Put a Spring in your Step with Ranunculus!


Hooray we made it to the weekend! I wanted to post a picture of the top of my piano, it looks so springy! For those of you who know me I like to rearrange my house weekly with different decorations I have around the house. So today I spent the morning decorating my piano top somewhat like a mantle above a fireplace:)

Pretty much every Friday I go and visit one of my favorite stores Trader Joe’s! This morning I couldn’t pass up the ranunculus, TJ’s has their store designed just right because I  have to walk by all the wonderful flowers.  I know some of you are like what the heck is a ranunculus? It’s such a beautiful flower which petals sometimes look as delicate as tissue paper. When they fully open they slightly resemble Peonies, but they are not part of the same family surprisingly. This is one of many flowers I had in my wedding bouquet, the ranunculus are by far one of my favorite flowers plus they come in all sorts of colors.  I brought them home and put them in a chunky candlestick I found at world market(another one of my favorite stores). Mike discovered an opening at the top of the candlestick the other day that I didn’t even realize was there, yay so many opportunities for this candlestick now. So I filled the entire candlestick with water and made my arrangement! Don’t you love how you can see all of the stems thru the chunky candlestick/vase:) 

Beside the beautiful flowers are some branches that Barleigh and I picked up on our walk on Wednesday:) You should have seen her jumping for all of these as we were walking, I think she thought they were all for her. I wanted to bring them inside but not just as brown sticks so I painted the branches. I used a Valspar crackle spray paint I had lying around, first with a black and then the white top coat that after a few minutes starts to crackle. I might try painting them different colors for a centerpiece in the future, I love bringing the outdoors inside!


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