My Breakfast Smoothie:)


Every Morning during the work week I blend up a delicious smoothie to start my day! It consists of frozen Bananas, Strawberries, Skim Milk and Peanut Butter. I take a handful of strawberries and banana’s and put them in the blender first, we always have these on hand. Mike and I go to costco pretty frequently and have found this is the cheapest option for fruit, we buy a huge pack of strawberries and 2 bunches of bananas. We cut up the strawberries and bananas and throw them all in freezer bags separately so there ready to use. 

Next comes the Skim Milk I pour it almost to the top of the fruit, it all depends on how smooth you want your smoothie the more milk the more liquidy it will be! I like my smoothie like a milkshake, really thick. Now you can add your peanut butter, I usually put one big scoop. This will give you some protein to hopefully hold you over till lunch! Now you can blend it up and voila you have breakfast, quick and easy! This is also a healthy option for those of you on the run!

I also wanted to share a sign I made a few weeks ago for my kitchen. Thought I would incorporate it into my smoothie post! I’ve been seeing lots of wooden signs lately that are beachy and fun so I figured I’d try one. So I went to Michaels and purchased an already routed edged peice of wood and some letter stencils.  I decided I wanted an aged look to my sign so I hit it mith a bunch of Mike’s tools and took a carving knife to some of the edges. Then I painted the whole piece with a yummy mustard yellow acrylic paint and after that had dried stenciled my letters on with a black acrylic paint. I wanted to stain the piece so it got into the cracks, so I used a polyurethane and stain in one and brushed it all over and then buffed it with an old cloth. You see some shine to the piece in some areas and the dark stain in others, it’s definetly not perfect but that was the look I was going for. Right now it’s on display in the corner of my kitchen counter on my recipe book rack, trying to decide a good place to hang it maybe over the pantry! I love that it say’s EAT in the kitchen, makes me hungry:)


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