Antique Shutter Turned Jewelry Organizer!


Happy Wednesday Everyone! I’ve been thinking about the next project to do:) I’ve been eyeing an old shutter I bought years ago from Luckett’s Antiques.  A few months ago  it was on display on top of my upright piano, I love the dark green paint that’s chipping away giving it a rustic look. I do usually keep it in my family room,  at Christmas time it actually held all of the Christmas cards we received, I just slipped them into the little shutter slats. Recently I moved it upstairs on my dresser, It holds a few necklaces on the hinges. I realized today I could put a lot more jewelry up if I just did a few things to the shutter.  Check it out below!! 

Here’s my pretty green antique shutter! All I did was take a strip of white crinoline and stuck it through the shutter slats and tied in the back. Next I nailed a few finishing nails along the top and on the left side.  Whats nice about the shutter is that there are already 2 chunky hinges that you can see at the top that are perfect for hanging necklaces!

Look how cute it turned out! On the left you see I put all my rings on a piece of ribbon for easy access, and put some of my go to bracelets hanging from the finishing nails. As you can see the crinoline is perfect for hanging Dangling earrings and even stud earrings, I  just pierced them thru and attached the backs.

Hope you liked this easy DIY idea:)


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