So I decided to tackle my side table in my family room! It was originally my parents but I happened to receive it just a few months ago, It’s solid wood with lots of water rings and no handle for the drawer.  So here it goes:)


 Obviously this table needed a lot of love…so I used a palm sander for the top of the table and used some steel wool to rough up the bottom of the table so the paint would adhere.

Yay!  nice and sanded, now it’s time for some paint! I used Swiss Coffee with a little Caribbean blue acrylic paint mixed in, it gave the paint a slight hint of blue. The table ended up needing 2 coats of paint, luckily it was a pretty day to be outside! I love this weather:)

Now that it’s painted, here comes the stain! I used a dark walnut stain by Minwax on the tabletop, this also took 2 coats to get that rich dark color I was looking for.  After staining the table top  my husband Mike and I distressed the bottom of the table with a very fine steel wool. The distressing  really brought out the detail on the legs, it looks so rustic I love it!

What a beautiful color, I love the look of the dark wood with the bright white/blue bottom.

Here’s the reveal after 2 coats of polyurethane! After two trips to Home Depot and Target Mike nor I could find the right size handle. So the Drawer handle we stole from an old dresser that Mike’s grandfather built, a handle that  had already fallen off(maybe my next project!). As you can see it’s so much more beautiful! I’m so excited to have my newly refurbished table, a lot of work but it definitely paid off!

Refurbished Side Table


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