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Tea Towel Pillow seen on the Nate Berkus Show:)


While browsing the Nate Berkus website there was an idea to use a tea towel to make a pillow cover.  I always want to buy new pillows for my couch but they are so expensive , so my mom and I decided to try it today:) My mom found the tea towels at Wegmans, they have to be atleast 17×26 and then I happened to have a smaller pillow at home that fit just right. 

Pretty spring tea towel from Wegmans

Fold tea towel with about an inch overlap inside out and pin on each side. Sew each side up and leave the overlap alone, this is where you will insert your pillow or stuffing.

Unfold tea towel after each side is sewn:)

Hooray a little pillow is made! It's as easy as that!!

Now Mike will be very happy that I don't spend a fortune changing out our family room pillows.

Cookie Monster Cupcakes!


Made Cookie Monster cupcakes for my very good friend Whitney’s daughter who turned 2 last weekend!  They were so much fun to make, all  you need is lots of blue coloring, white candy melts and black squeeze icing for the eyeballs, and small Chocolate chip cookies.  While the cupcakes were in the oven I took the candy melts and squeezed a small black pupil on the candy off center though because Cookie Monsters eyes are googley! I ended up making 2 dozen cupcakes, after icing all of the cupcakes with royal blue died icing I dipped half of them in blue sprinkles and the other half was colored coconut not sure if there are a lot of coconut lovers out there like me. I followed a recipe on for simple white cake and they turned out delicious! oh and dont forget the icing…cream cheese icing:) The last step was the mouth, all I did was cut a slit 3/4 of the way down and stuck a Famous Amos chocolate chip cookie in his mouth. Cookie Monsters are complete!!  the Youtube site also shows you how to make Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch cupcakes too! Whitney made an Elmo cake that was adorable pictured below beside the cupcakes.

My first Blog!


So this is my first attempt at having a blog:) I’m very excited to share all of my silly ideas I have running through my mind. You will probably see a lot of my Bernese Mountain Dog Barleigh, she’s our baby a 9 month old 80 lb. BABY! Also lots of crafty ideas I have that might help you that are cheap! So bare with me while I learn this whole word press blogging thing! More to come soon!